Good health provides the foundation for community and economic development. Health is complex and multidimensional. Kenya faces geographic and sex-specific differences in health indicators among different age groups across the country. In addition, the country faces a significant burden in all disease domains — communicable conditions, non-communicable conditions, and injuries leading causes of morbidity in Kenya. Maternal and child health remains a major challenge.

HDI works with communities, the government and the private sector to implement innovative interventions to address health challenges among Kenya’s most vulnerable groups.

HDI works to improving the performance of health systems and the delivery of high-quality services in, with a focus on sustainability. Through a continual process of collaboration with  the government, private sector and other stakeholders, we strengthen health systems functions that are essential to the improvement of public health. Our approach follows a three-step process: 1) measuring the performance of the health system; 2) identifying root causes of performance; and 3) developing solutions with stakeholders.