Positive Youth Development

At HDI we see positive youth development as an intentional, prosocial approach that engages youth within their communities, schools, organizations, peer groups, and families in a manner that is productive and constructive; recognizes, utilizes, and enhances young people’s strengths; and promotes positive outcomes for young people by providing opportunities, fostering positive relationships, and furnishing the support needed to build on their leadership strengths.

We believe that youths’ full participation in development efforts can contribute to more sustainable investments to end cycles of poverty; to build resilient, democratic societies; to improve health outcomes. Investments in youth translate to benefits for society by increasing youth’s connections to society and helping youth make successful transitions to adulthood and Prevent from engaging in adolescent substance, violent behavior

Our interventions enhance the chances of adolescents to maximize their potential and achieve their goals. HDI provides mentoring opportunities that improve adolescents’ self-images, future options, and helps them gain skills and information needed to grow up healthy; be resourceful, creative and resilient; negotiate and bargain; and dare to make nontraditional career choices.

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