Social Protection for Vulnerable Children

At HDI we believe that children deserve to be cared for in a loving and nurturing environment, free of abuse, violence, exploitation and neglect. All children have the right to protection. Growing up in poverty and unsafe conditions is associated with significant threats to physical and mental health, brain development and learning. Children affected by poverty, HIV and AIDS, disability, lack of parental care, conflict or natural disaster are particularly vulnerable to abuse, neglect, exploitation and HIV infection. Lack of protection increases a child’s vulnerability to physical, social and emotional problems and HIV risk. Our child protection prevents and responds to child abuse, exploitation and neglect, and family separation, including long-term effects of gender-based violence on community health and economic problems.

Recognizing that children have different needs at different ages and stages in their development, HDI child protection interventions are developmentally appropriate and address specific needs of early childhood development, middle childhood and adolescence.